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Looking at the water-footprint of particular crops can quickly lead to a slippery slope of logic. Activists and certain members of the media have lambasted some crops as “too water intensive” in an effort to push the blame of the drought on a particular plant, such as almonds, cotton or alfalfa.

What if they turned that focus on the consumer, rather than the farmer?

Let’s take a look at a classic American meal, a burger and fries.

The silver bullet drought solution

There’s a simple solution that could bring relief to California’s current drought, not to mention, all future droughts in the Golden State. It’s a modest sacrifice that all Californians can take part in. The concept is not new. A number of activists have already alluded to it, in part, but no one has had the fortitude to blatantly come out and say it. But the time has come to discuss it out in the open:


Good news for commercial salmon fishermen may spell bad news for endangered winter-run Chinook salmon.