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Delta Watch

A study released by the State Treasurer’s office found that financing of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) would be affordable for the 25 million water users and 3 million acres of farmland that stand to benefit from the water supplies the plan would secure.

The study identifies the ability of State Water Project and Central Valley Project water users to pay for the construction and mitigation of the water delivery conveyance system prescribed by the BDCP, which would not rely on any taxpayer funding from the state.

At a recent Stanford symposium, Governor Brown signaled that water would be a key focus during his next term. The speech confirmed Brown's clear commitment to address major water issues, such as restoration of the Bay-Delta watershed. Below are a few of the most notable passages from the speech. The full video of the speech is embedded at the bottom of the page.

Severe drought conditions have inflicted harsh realities throughout California. Well, almost everywhere. While community wells run dry, farm fields turn to dust and key reservoirs are at near all-time lows, Delta farmers are stealing millions of gallons of water set aside for fish, wildlife and the environment, as well as other water users. And, yes, these are the same Delta farmers who are funding the No on Proposition 1 campaign, opposing a water bond measure that seeks to fund critical needs across the state.