In Case You Missed It: Bay-Delta News & Issues

AP: Californians vote on measure to fund parks, water projects

Sacramento Bee: The Delta is dying. The planet is warming. Is California too focused on the tunnels?

AP: Late Sierra storms rival ‘Miracle March’ of ’91; snowpack up

San Fransico Chronicle: With storms skipping state, nearly half of California is back in a drought

Sacramento Bee: Sierra Nevada snow picture brightens, but is still just a fraction of normal

KQED: Before and After: Measuring California’s Thin Mountain Snowpack

Desert Sun: Charley Wilson: Preparing for California’s unpredictable water future

Environmental Monitor: The Labyrinthine Task of Solving California’s Water Problem and the California Water Fix

Los Angeles Times: The delta smelt heads for extinction, marking a half-century of failed California water policy

New York Times: California Today: Want Snow? Don’t Go Looking in the Sierra Nevada.

San Francisco Chronicle: Sparse Sierra snowpack has officials worried about a long, dry summer

89.3KPCC: It’s too soon to worry about drought, despite dry winter

Sacramento Bee: Snow measures just 3 percent of average in first California mountain survey

Water Deeply: 2017: The Most Important Events and Stories for Water in the West

Bakersfield Now : RECORD BREAKER: Kern County banks more ground water than ever before

Sacramento Bee: A new approach to protecting rivers

Water Deeply: Measures to Boost Salmon Are Working, but Some Fear They Could Backfire

Sierra Sun Times: Chinook Salmon Returns on Mokelumne River Continue Record Streak

San Francisco Chronicle: Salmon population booms on state’s Mokelumne River as restoration efforts pay off

KCRA 3: Mokelumne River fall run salmon approach record high

Water Deeply: Timeline: The Long History of California’s Delta Tunnels Plan

KQED: Uncertain Future for $17 Billion Delta Tunnels Project After Water Districts Pull Support

San Jose Mercury News: Oroville Dam: Cost to repair spillways nearly doubles in price to $500 million

Ag Alert: State board sticks to flow regime on Sacramento River

Los Angeles Times: Sorry, my fellow environmentalists, we have to build the delta tunnels

Los Angeles Daily News: $17 billion Delta water tunnels project faces critical MWD vote Tuesday in LA

Los Angeles Times: Southern California needs water. Stop waffling over the delta tunnels and dig

Sacramento Bee: Once again, Southern California holds the key to a major California water project

San Gabriel Valley Tribune: Implement California WaterFix in the Delta for the San Gabriel Valley


FishBio: A Water Year For The Record Books

Sacramento Bee: Plan to pump more water from the Delta gets approved

The Bakersfield Californian: Ted Page: Our Valley desperately needs California WaterFix

San Diego Union Tribune: John Laird | California’s twin tunnels project secures water supply

Capitol Weekly: Water: Setting the sights on Sites

Sacramento Bee: ‘All there in the files’ – Oroville Dam investigators say inspectors missed clues

Los Angeles Times: Houston’s floods are a warning for California to shore up its water systems. The good news: We’re getting started.

Capital Press: Harvey relief won’t jeopardize Oroville Dam funds, officials say

KRCR News: Oroville Dam rated unsatisfactory after spillway emergency

McClatchy DC: Flood insurance is a mess, and Harvey won’t make Congress any more likely to fix it


Los Angeles Times: California legislative leaders pitch big spending for water and parks improvements for the 2018 ballot

Sacramento Bee: Democrats seek $4 billion bond for water, flood control, parks

Western Growers: Western Growers Signs onto Amicus Brief Asking for Supreme Court Review of Critical Habitat Decision

CBS Sacramento: Sea Lions Competing With Salmon Fishermen On Sacramento Rivers

Porterville Recorder: CVFP Board adopts updated plan

Water Deeply: With Billions on the Line, California Begins Vetting Water Projects

SF Gate: Coalition forms to protect California’s threatened salmon runs

Water Deeply: Study: Heavy Storms May Be Enough to Recharge California Groundwater

Modesto Bee: Groundwater recharge – a solution for both farmers and fish

Capital Press: Oroville Dam rebuilding project passes season’s midway point

Fresno Bee: A big dam east of Fresno has been talked about for years. Now it’s time to talk money

Bakersfield Californian: LOIS HENRY: Water updates large and small

Valley Public Radio: Speaker Rendon Hints At Support For Temperance Flat

East Bay Times: Editorial: Water bonds should be used to fund Sites Reservoir

High Country News: U.S. House moves to streamline water projects

Water Deeply: Agreements in Place to Fund Largest California Reservoir Proposal

Yuba Net: Public meetings announced for Sites dam project and to submit comments on draft environmental documents

San Jose Mercury News: East Bay reservoir expansion plan wins support of environmental groups

Your Central Valley: Valley leaders request $1.3 billion for Temperance Flat Dam

The Union: Nevada Irrigation District applies for Centennial Dam funding

FishBio: What Makes A Fish A Successful Invasive?

Water Deeply: Battle Looms as California Moves to Dedicate More Water to Fish

Sacramento Bee: The drought is over. Why are Republicans in Congress fighting for more water for farmers?

Maven’s Notebook: Delta Stewardship Council Votes to Approve Delta Plan Amendments

Sacramento Bee: California farms are thirsty and in danger

Sacramento Bee: John Laird: Chinook salmon will become extinct if Californians don’t take these steps

Sacramento Bee: California Legislature votes to keep dam-safety plans secret

San Francisco Chronicle: Study: California’s seasonal rain and snow triggering earthquakes

Sacramento Bee: Why years of waiting may be over on Delta tunnels

Los Angeles Times: State orders in-depth assessments of more than 50 California dams following Oroville crisis

Sacramento Bee: James Gallagher: Brown, California Democrats are approaching flood control all wrong

KRCR News: Supervisor prepares letter to stop DWR from lowering Oroville Lake

KQED: 4 Things You Should Know About California’s Biggest Reservoir

Modesto Bee: Fishing for answers on what high flows of 2017 do for salmon on Modesto-area rivers

Turlock Journal: TID endorses plan to avoid State Water Board proposal

Oroville MR: New spillway design said to pass muster

Los Angeles Times: Budget moves forward with some spending on water projects

Los Angeles Times: Measuring the snowpack goes high-tech with airborne lasers and radar

Chico Enterprise Record: David Little: James Gallagher keeps pressure on Oroville spillway saga

Water Deeply: California’s Delta Poised to Become Massive Carbon Bank Floodplain farm fields benefit juvenile salmon

Water Deeply: Your Caffeine Habit May Be Harming Waterways, Wildlife


Sacramento Bee: Dan Morain: Jerry Brown sends a message to water agencies on the Delta tunnels – and it’s direct

KCRA 3: Work on damaged Oroville Dam spillway ahead of schedule

ACWA: DSC Holds Hearing on Draft Delta Plan Amendment on Conveyance, Storage

Water Deeply: Why a National Infrastructure Bill Needs Money for Western Irrigation

CBS Denver: Fishermen To Be Compensated By Capturing Predator Fish

Register-Pajaronian: Irrigation enhancement project helps farmers regulate water usage

San Francisco Chronicle: Oroville Dam spillway to go offline until fall, allowing for repairs

FishBio: An Underwhelming 2016 Salmon Season

Ag Alert: Farmers look back at range of impacts from drought

Bakersfield Now: Investigation: California’s water crisis

Bakersfield Californian: LOIS HENRY: Groundwater repayment coming due early for some valley farmers

Sacramento Bee: State lowers fish-kill estimates from Oroville hatchery

Sacramento Bee: Hatchery mishap kills 300,000 baby salmon. What will this mean for California fishermen?

Fresno Bee: When feds dilly-dally on water, our ag economy takes a hit

Los Angeles Times: Oroville Dam spillway had two dozen problems that may have led to mass failure, report says

Sacramento Bee: Oroville Dam: What state’s forensics team has found in first analysis

Sacramento Bee: Oroville Dam: With bills rolling in, state borrows heavily

Sacramento Bee: From fishers to foxes, illegal pot growers are poisoning wildlife in Northern California forests

Water Deeply: How Wet Weather Impacted California’s Groundwater Deficit

Sacramento Bee: ‘We are very, very sorry.’ State water officials face frustrated Oroville crowd

Sacramento Bee: Sierra snowpack is huge and melting fast – what that means for spring flooding

Redding Record Searchlight: Salmon recovery effort takes root in Redding

Water Deeply: 7 Things I Learned Studying Public Opinion on Water

McClatchy DC: Lobbyist who once sued Interior named to be department’s No. 2 official

The Press-Enterprise: Fix California’s dilapidated water system

Sacramento Bee: Another Oroville Dam document is sealed – for now

Bakersfield Californian: Lois Henry: Declining agricultural land values tied to water

Redding Record Searchlight: State closes fishing on section of Sacramento River

Sacramento Bee: Despite drought’s end, conservation rules were still in place in California – until now

Sacramento Bee: What went wrong at Oroville Dam? Analysis points to drainage, problematic soils

San Jose Mercury News: New study: California drought increased electricity bills and air pollution

AP: California Water Chief: Oroville Emergency Spillway Worked

Los Angeles Times: Water under Oroville spillway probably caused February collapse, state consultants say

AP: State officials release reports on Oroville dam after criticism

San Jose Mercury News : Plans for major new reservoir in Santa Clara County moving forward

Water Deeply: Pesticide Impact on Bay Delta Fish Could Be Greater Than Realized

Bakersfield Californian: LOIS HENRY: 20 years of water restrictions for fish have been hard on humans

ABC News Bakersfield: New report shows thousands of California jobs lost due to water cuts


San Jose Mercury News: In wake of Oroville Dam spillway failure, yearly inspection bill proposed for all dams

Flathead Beacon: Zinke Names Former Campaign Manager to Reclamation Department


San Diego Union Tribune: Serious design, construction and maintenance defects doomed Oroville Dam, report says

Sacramento Bee: State awards $275 million contract for Oroville Dam repairs

Sacramento Bee: Despite Oroville problems, state water allocations rise

Los Angeles Times: Officials plan to release water on damaged Oroville Dam spillway ahead of more wet weather

KQED: Why Farmers Getting More Water Won’t Lower Produce Prices

Sacramento Bee: California’s water chief says he may release Oroville Dam documents after trying to keep them secret

Sacramento Bee: Trump’s land official meets with Brown: ‘We want to be the friendly, yep organization’

Sacramento Bee: Ellen Hanak and Jeffrey Mount: These policy changes will help California prepare for the next drought

Los Angeles Times: Northern California gets its wettest winter in nearly a century

Modesto Bee: West Side has full water supplies for first time since 2006

KQED: The Drought Is Over, Right? Not in These 4 Counties

KRCR News: Independent review of Oroville Dam emergency to begin

Oroville MR: Oroville Dam document secrecy frustrating lawmakers

Water Deeply: Jay Lund: What California Should Learn From a Decade of Water Extremes

Sacramento Bee: Jerry Brown’s administration blocks public review of Oroville Dam records

Chico ER: Oroville Dam: Leaders, locals give DWR director an earful

East Bay Times: Commercial salmon season slashed by lingering California drought impacts

Sacramento Bee: Big L.A. water agency antes up for a share of Valley’s Sites Reservoir

Sacramento Bee: California water allocations hit 100 percent – here’s why farmers are still miffed

AP: California governor declares historic drought over for now

Visalia Times Delta: Central Valley ag needs to be heard over coastal voices

Your Central Valley: Ag experts say lack of water storage keeping Valley in drought

Fresno Bee: Ashley Boren and Don Cameron: Flood Valley fields: Farmer incentives would pump up aquifer recharge

East Bay Times: Editorial: Time for Legislature to fight through Oroville Dam secrecy

Sacramento Bee: Oroville Dam fix to span two years, but some key work due before winter rains

Sacramento Bee: Mighty L.A. water agency wants a share of Valley’s Sites Reservoir – and is willing to pay

Christian Science Monitor: California’s conservative farmers tackle climate change, in their own way

Sacramento Bee: Drought may be nearly over, but Californians are still saving water

Redding Record Searchlight: State panel may make river fishing closure permanent

Sacramento Bee: Trump approves funds for California relief, including $274 million for Oroville Dam

Sacramento Bee: Oroville Dam documents kept secret by state, federal officials

KCRA 3: Crucial snow survey reveals California water content at 164% of average

Eureka Times Standard: Legislators, fishermen discuss future of state fisheries

AP: California sees heaviest mountain snowpack in years

Reuters: As farmers pump more groundwater for crops, food prices risk surge

Water Deeply: Why California’s Wet Year Won’t Have Record Delta Water Exports

Capital Public Radio: California Lawmakers Will Hear About Dire State Of Fishing Industry

San Jose Mercury News: What drought? Sierra Nevada snowpack at 164 percent of normal

Chico Enterprise Record: Oroville Dam: Independent team to investigate cause of spillway failures

Water Deeply: Heavy Rain Means New Challenges for California Farmers

New York Times: California Today: Talking to the ‘Water Czar’ About the Drought

Bakersfield Californian: Community Voices: Water allotments still disrespect farmers

Modesto Bee: Letter to the Editor: Tim Stroshane: Delta group wants more water to help salmon populations

Sacramento Bee: Despite Trump promise and a wet winter, California farmers don’t get full water supply

Western Farm Press: USBR: Large carryover storage the reason why CVP allocation was not higher

Capital Press: San Joaquin Valley’s CVP allocation likely to increase, officials say

Bakersfield Californian: LOIS HENRY: Water districts stuffing Kern River water in every nook and cranny they can

Capital Press: Delays in water allocations hinder growers’ planting decisions

California Ag Today: Saving Fish May Have Caused Oroville Disaster

Chico Enterprise Record: Oroville Dam: How a 21st-century spillway compares to Oroville’s 1968 structure


Los Angeles Times: Assembly Democrats aim to put $3-billion bond for parks on 2018 ballot

Capital Public Radio: Juvenile Salmon Rescued From Oroville Emergency Now Heading To Ocean

Capital Public Radio: Bill Would Expand Protections For California’s Rivers

San Francisco Chronicle: San Francisco pitches plan for future of California rivers

Merced Sun-Star: Gray persists in Bay-Delta Plan criticism – to the last day

Modesto Bee: Chuck Winn and Katherine Miller: State’s current plan for river flows spells disaster for our region

Maven’s Notebook: ACWA, California Farm Water Coalition say State Water Board’s San Joaquin River flow proposal is the wrong approach

AP: Governor Brown Requests Presidential Declaration For Oroville Dam Spillway

San Diego Union Tribune: California drought’s biggest lesson? Build more water storage


Sacramento Bee: Just weeks after Oroville Dam crisis, damage found in another key California reservoir

Modesto Bee: River flow debate has turned on how best to help fish

Modesto Bee: Mike Dunbar: When it comes to water, what’s worse: Conspiracy or incompetence?

Water Deeply: The Important Role of the Yolo Bypass: The Inland Sea of Sacramento

Capital & Main: Water, Water — Everywhere and Nowhere

New York Times: When Is a Drought Over? A Wet California Wants to Know

Sacramento Bee: Overhaul California’s water system with 21st century flood solutions

San Jose Mercury: California storms: Wettest water year, so far, in 122 years of records

Water Deeply: Six Water Bills to Watch So Far This Spring in California’s Legislature

Water Deeply: California Almond Growers Look to Increase Water Savings

Oroville MR: Storm waters may have washed away Sacramento River endangered salmon project

Ag Alert: Commentary: Federal agencies work to create water shortages

ACWA: State Water Board Adopts Comprehensive Climate Change Response

Modesto Bee: What are we supposed to do with all this water?

Sacramento Bee: Sierra snowpack ‘pretty phenomenal’ but is it record breaking?

Sacramento Bee: Ellen Hanak: New levels of cooperation needed to address San Joaquin Valley water issues

Fresno Bee: Trump should stop Reclamation from stealing farmers’ water

KCRA: Officials work to save Feather River’s stranded fish

AP: Many Cities, Farms Getting Full Water Supplies, but Not All

San Francisco Chronicle: California farms given good news as reservoirs fill and snowpack builds

Sacramento Bee: Dan Walters: Faced with crisis, California water managers stepped up

KQED: California’s Water System Built for a Climate We No Longer Have

Sacramento Bee: Giant chasm revealed as water stops flowing at Oroville Dam

Sacramento Bee: Jerry Brown shouldn’t squander the Oroville Dam crisis

Manteca Bulletin: Federal agencies work to create water shortages

Santa Clarita Valley Signal: Scott Wilk: Water woes need bigger fix

Los Angeles Times: Shasta Dam makes history as water flows from top gates for first time in 20 years

Sacramento Bee: Only 17 percent of California still in drought, monitor says


Water Deeply: Tom Philp: California Needs Water Management That Matches the Weather

New York Times: America’s Aging Dams Are in Need of Repair

KCET: This Year’s Floods May Be Good for California’s Salmon

Appeal Democrat: FERC OKs Board of Consultants, orders faster forensic review on Oroville Dam

Chico Enterprise Record: DWR wants to stop Oroville spillway flow, doesn’t know when it can

San Jose Mercury News: Winter storms pour pollution into San Francisco Bay, Delta

Sacramento Bee: Don Pedro spillway opens, could nearly triple Tuolumne River flow

Fresno Bee: Two dams illustrate challenge of maintaining older designs

Stockton Record: ‘Farmers are optimistic people’

Sacramento Bee: The bill comes due for our re-engineered way of life

Capital Public Radio: Despite Oroville Crisis, California Has The “Cadillac” Of State Dam Safety Programs

Orange County Breeze: Assemblyman Allen (R-AD72) introduces bill to take high-speed rail money for completing water project

Chico Enterprise Record: Feather River Fish Hatchery adjusting to innovations that saved millions of fish

Washington Post: The Endangered Species Act may be heading for the threatened list. This hearing confirmed it.

Sacramento Bee: Dam manuals keep California’s water future in the past

Sacramento Bee: Aubrey Bettencourt: Oroville shows officials have focused on false choices over California’s water system

Bloomberg: Keeping California Wet (Not Flooded) Is Expensive

Modesto Bee: Area mounts massive protest against state water proposal

Sacramento Bee: Oroville Dam’s flood-control manual hasn’t been updated for half a century

Los Angeles Times: The Oroville Dam disaster is yet another example of California’s decline

Ag Alert: Temperature plan could cut yield from Shasta Lake

San Jose Mercury News: Oroville Dam drags California’s $65 billion infrastructure annual price tag into the open

Sacramento Bee: Trump administration OKs Jerry Brown’s disaster requests


Los Angeles Times: A disaster at the Oroville Dam could easily become a crisis for Los Angeles too

New York Times: In Shadow of California Dam, Water Turns From Wish to Woe

SF Chronicle: How winter’s flooding will create a wildlife rebirth in spring

East Bay Times: Commentary: Twin tunnels prevent general water solutions

Chico Eneterprise Record: ‘Amazing engineering feat’ saves millions of fish at Feather River Fish Hatchery

San Jose Mercury News: Oroville Dam: Feds and state officials ignored warnings 12 years ago

Sacramento Bee: Huge Oroville Dam hole makes clear California’s bill comes due

Sacramento Bee: California extends emergency drought regulations despite heavy rain, snow

Sacramento Bee: Oroville Dam releases are halted after huge hole is found in spillway

Mountain Counties Water Resources Association: Drought, Flood and Flow – Time for Changes

Stockton Record: Delta legislators seek clout

Lodi News Sentinel: County officials push for water storage, saying Delta is losing out on recent rainfall

Merced Sun-Star: Gray proposes legislation to overhaul state’s water management system

Sacramento Bee: Water, water everywhere in California – and not enough reservoir space to store it

AP: California snowpack at drought-busting level, water managers say

Stockton Record: SJ County set to declare simultaneous flood, drought emergencies

Stockton Record: Stockton East Water District: State water board ignores everyone but themselves

San Jose Mercury News: Sierra Nevada snowpack is biggest in 22 years — and more snow is on the way

AgAlert: Release or store? Agencies manage reservoir flows

KCRA 3 News : Sites Reservoir project takes step forward

Sacramento Bee: One month of storms erases big chunk of California’s snow-water deficit

San Francisco Chronicle: Even after epic storms, groundwater still depleted by drought

Water Deeply: Big Rains Bring Both Good and Bad News for Salmon

Capital Public Radio: California Groundwater Levels Remain Critically Low

Sacramento Bee: ‘Exceptional drought’ is over in California

Sacramento Bee: Folsom Lake less than half full after recent rains. Residents ask: Why so dry?

Los Angeles Times: In a major improvement, nearly half of California no longer in drought


Ag alert: CVP remains cautious on water allocation

Los Angeles Times: Gov. Brown declares state of emergency after storms cause flooding, erosion, highway damage

Water Deeply: Five Things to Know About California’s Drought After Big Storms

San Francisco Chronicle: SF needs to plan for drier future

CBS Sacramento: California Rain Welcome, But Not Enough To Keep Up With Groundwater Demand

Fresno Bee: San Luis Reservoir in California could fill for first time in six years

Modesto Bee: Maximum flows not achieving maximum benefits for Stanislaus salmon

Modesto Bee: Study: Salmon don’t want too much water

CBS Sacramento: Wasted Opportunity? Farmers Frustrated As Water From Recent Rains Released

Capital Press: Calif.’s State Water Project increases allocation to 60 percent

San Jose Mercury News : California drought continues to shrink, federal government says

Los Angeles Times: California has the snow. It just needs to keep it frozen


San Jose Mercury News: California storms: State to keep conservation rules for now

Sacramento Bee: Sacramento County supervisors declare state of emergency due to storm damage

Capital Public Radio : Uncertainty Over How Recent Storms Impacted Salmon Population

Bloomberg: Drought-to-Drenched California Faces H20 Balancing Act

Water Deeply: Why the Environment Needs Water Markets

AP: GOP takes aim at Endangered Species Act

Sacramento Bee: Kathy Tiegs and Brent Hastey: Water infrastructure bill is a landmark moment for California

The Bakersfield Californian: LOIS HENRY: Water, water everywhere, but can we keep it?

Sacramento Bee: Dan Walters: Drought and storms prove again California needs more storage

Los Angeles Times: From drought to deluge: How one California river tells the story of a waning drought

Courthouse News Service: Despite Storms, Calif. Experts Say State Still in Drought

Eastbay Times: Bay Area flooding: Multiple Delta levee breaches reported

NPR: As rains soak California, farmers test how to store water underground

Sacramento Bee: Is the drought over? It’s looking that way in Northern California

Stockton Record: Storm surge: Levees under patrol as water problems in Delta grow

Water Deeply: Why Record Precipitation May Not Be a Cure-All for California Water Issues

KRCR News : Project to help salmon in Sacramento River complete

ACWA: Brown’s Budget Proposal Contains Funds for Drought and Other Key Water Issues

The Bakersfield Californian: Vince Fong: Kern County’s priorities should be Sacramento’s priorities

SF Gate: Before-and-after photos show California storm’s insane impact on water levels

Fresno Bee: Farmers and water districts hope storm runoff can help replenish underground supplies

San Jose Mercury News: California storms add 350 billion gallons to parched reservoirs

Sacramento Bee: The worst of the storms is over. Here’s what’s next for California

Sacramento Bee: Sacramento Regional Sanitation District seeks next rate hike for wastewater plant upgrade project

The Bakersfield Californian: Dean Flores: Rain is here: What’s the plan to capture it?

Capital Research Center: Invasion of the Species

CBS Sacramento: Sacramento Weir Will Open For First Time In 11 Years To Flood Yolo Bypass

New York Times: California Today: Severe Flooding, But Does That Mean Drought Relief?

Stockton Record: Delta pumping continues amid fish worries

Fresno Bee: Water flows from Friant Dam as officials and farmers call for more storage

Sacramento Bee: Obama says full speed ahead on Delta tunnels project

Fresno Bee: Water savings in urban California slip a bit in November

Valley Public Radio: With Trump As President Could Temperance Flat Become A Reality?


Hanford Sentinel : Valadao introduces major water bill

Modesto Bee: River flow critics question fish data

ACWA: San Joaquin River Flows Proposal Examined in Hearing

Manteca Bulletin: Contrary to what LA may think ‘we’ get it in the 209

Sacramento Bee: Despite recent storms, California’s ‘snow drought’ continues

Los A Times: After six years of drought, this is the winter weather we’re ‘supposed to be getting,’ meteorologists say

AP: California snowpack surveyed as indicator of drought

Water Deeply: Water in the West: The Most Popular Water Deeply Stories of 2016

KRCR News: Shasta Dam will be decreasing water releases

Redding Record Searchlight: Water releases from Shasta Dam doubled

High Country News: House Republicans want to ‘repeal and replace’ the ESA

Livermore Independent: Final EIR on Delta Fix Released

Sacramento Bee: Aubrey Bettencourt: What state water board is doing wrong

Chico Eneterprise Record: Editorial: State water solution starts by doing the obvious

AP: Water officials: California drought still not over

Sacramento Bee: Electronic readings of Sierra snowpack: 10.5 inches, 72 percent of Dec. 27 average

New York Times: California Today: A Battle Over the San Joaquin River

Water Deeply: The Seven Key Things That Happened in California Water in 2016

KPBS: KPBS Drought Tracker Update: Halfway Through Wet Season, Where Does CA Stand?

Los Angeles Times: Powerful storm brings road closures and record rainfall to Southern California

Sacramento Bee: With environmental review finalized, could construction on the Delta tunnels begin in 2018?

Tracy Press: State’s plan for Delta could cost Tracy

Modesto Bee: Modesto-area farmers, residents make impassioned plea to water board

Modesto Bee: Stanislaus makes its case on the rivers

Lodi News-Sentinel: The people of San Joaquin County have spoken; let’s hope regulators will listen

KCRA 3 News: Hundreds pour into Modesto center for hearing on river flows

Ag Alert: Farmers describe problems with river-flow plan

Fresh Fruit Portal: California: Western Growers applauds passage of water bill into law

Modesto Bee: Tell the state it needs a better plan to share our water

Modesto Bee: Merced crowd decries river flow plan

Merced Sun Star: Fed-up farmers drive tractors to protest at state water board hearing

Sacramento Bee: Obama signs water bill; what does it mean for the Delta?

Visalia Times Delta: Water bill to speed pumping south of Delta

Fresno Bee: With much less water, much of north Valley will suffer

Modesto Bee: Our View: If the state carries out its plan, our region will suffer

Manteca Bulletin: Fight over Stanislaus River water: Fish vs. cities & agriculture

Stockton Record : Leaders, farmers, residents plea against Delta water plan

Manteca Bulletin: Stanislaus River fish on upswing on hearing’s eve

Sacramento Bee: What does the new federal water bill mean for California? For one, a big win for farmers

ABC 10: Wet weather rapidly filling Folsom Lake

Manteca Bulletin: Destroying the 209 to ‘save’ salmon

Manteca Bulletin: SSJID: Look at the data

San Francisco Chronicle: Mike Wade: Why the Bay Area should care about Central Valley water

Los Angeles Times: A problem ‘too big to ignore’ — how years of congressional wrangling led to a water compromise

McClatchy DC: After years of drama, farmers score a big win in California water battle

Modesto Bee: Editorial: Feinstein has it right, this is a good water deal

Stockton Record: The big water bill and what you need to know about it

Los Angeles Times: Could rice fields save endangered salmon in the Sacramento Valley?

Orange County Breeze: MWDOC Directors urge support for critical water project

Sacramento Bee: House approves California water plan that splits state’s Democratic senators

The Fish Site: Study Finds Salmon Migration Affected by Fear

Daily Republic: Scientists know why Chinook lab results did not match natural data

ABC 10: The Sacramento Delta’s dirty little secret

The Bakersfield Californian: LOIS HENRY: One more try for federal fixes to California’s water woes

The Daily Kos: Two top California water officials retire amidst increasing opposition to Delta Tunnels

Sacramento Bee: California water conservation slips again. Here’s how much

Redding Record Searchlight: River project to aid endangered salmon

Capital Press: Group accuses water allocators of depriving farm-dependent species

Manteca Bulletin: State’s river flow plan flawed on many levels

Modesto Bee: Mike Dunbar: Would Times like some facts with that Kool-Aid?

Modesto Bee: Merced critics get a jump on river flow hearing

Modesto Bee: Modesto may hire lawyers to challenge Tuolumne River plan

Los Angeles Times: Fall snow, rains have ‘satisfied the drought debt’ in Northern Sierra Nevada, climatologist says

Fresno Bee: Federal water for tiny fish leave other species high and dry

Sacramento Bee: A grand compromise for the Delta outlined

AP: California’s new water conservation plan focuses on cities

Sacramento Bee: As Californians become less vigilant about saving water, state eyes stricter standards

Water Deeply: Jay Lund: The Coming Droughts of California in 2017

Stockton Record: Drought:Wet fall helps, but real test begins now

Visalia Times-Delta: Waterwise: Water allocation a dreary 20%

Appeal Democrat: Fish fuel: Looking to flooded rice fields as a new source of food

Sacramento Bee: Who likes state’s plan to keep more water for fish in California rivers? Practically nobody

Capital Public Radio: Concerns Raised Over California’s Plan To Provide More Water For Fish

Merced Sun-Star: Hilmar FFA members argue to state panel against raising river flows

Stockton Record: First hearing for river flows plan; Stockton gets next session

AP : Initial state water allocation set at 20 Percent

Sacramento Bee: Wettest start in 30 years to rainy season in Northern California, but don’t forget the drought

California Ag Today: Les Grober Explains Increasing San Joaquin River Flows

Stockton Record : To save SF Bay and its dying Delta, state aims to replumb California

Modesto Bee: Sides brace for hearing on river flow plan

Modesto Bee: Aubrey Bettencourt: State lies about our rivers, Delta to feed its craving for ever more water

Sacramento Bee: Desert and farm, water drainage and a new deal in the Central Valley

Sacramento Bee: California rejects measure that threatened water tunnels project

Los Angeles Times: Voters narrowly reject Proposition 53 and future votes on big infrastructure projects

ACWA: Assembly Committee Hearing Examines Progress on Prop. 1 Water Storage Regulations

Modesto Bee: Mike Dunbar: Economics of state’s water grab don’t add up

Fresno Bee: Valley water challenges are in GOP’s hands now

KQED: Trump’s Pledge to ‘Open Up the Water’ for Valley Farms: Easier Said Than Done

The Turlock Journal: County officials get closer look at implications of State Water Board proposal

Sacramento Bee: Trump promised California farmers more water. Can he deliver?

Sacramento Bee: Another step in long march toward California water deal in Congress

KCRA 3 News: Is this the end of water hyacinth in Delta?

Stockton Record Net: Supervisors assail state water flow plan

Capitol Weekly: Delta tunnels: A steady trickle of progress

Manteca Bulletin: The Molotov cocktail the state is tossing

Sacramento Bee: Is Sites Reservoir a savior for the Sacramento Valley – or a Delta tunnels project in disguise?

Water Deeply: New Report Offers Framework for California Delta Restoration

Stockton Record : Future look for the Delta?

Sacramento Bee: Can California’s winter run salmon be saved from extinction? Numbers this year show promise.

Los Angeles Times: La Niña has arrived, with little rain in store for Southern California

AP: California measure on state mega-projects trailing slightly

Capital Press: Western weather is a month ahead of the calendar

ABC News: California’s Drought Divide _ Rainy North, Dry South

Capital Press: Record October rainfall in California a tough act to follow

San Jose Mercury News : Reservoir expansion could store water for millions in Bay Area

Fresno Bee: Without water, the San Joaquin Valley withers

Stockton Record: Cortopassi’s race nears finish line as showdown with Gov. Brown draws big bucks

Courthouse News Service: Judge Delays Ruling on Calif. Water Standards

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