In Case You Missed It: Bay-Delta News & Issues

Sacramento Bee: California eyes more Sacramento River water for fish, less for farms, cities

Los Angeles Times: One word to describe the last water year? Dry

Sacramento Bee: Will California see a wet winter? Forecasters call it a ‘crapshoot’

Turlock Journal: Local legislators deliver over 3,000 petitions to State Water Board

The Ceres Courier: REGION UP IN ARMS OVER WATER SCALE BACK PLAN STUDY Will New Plan Fate New Melones To Future Dead Pool Levels?

Redding Record Searchlight: Agencies try new tack to help salmon in Sacramento River

Water Deeply: California WaterFix Protects Ecosystems and Improves Infrastructure

Modesto Bee: Gov. Brown is right, we must ‘agree’ on rivers

Modesto Bee: Valley lawmakers blast river flow proposal

Central Valley Business Journal: Valley lawmakers delivery petitions opposing water proposal

Ag Alert: Farmers consider impacts of river plan

Ventura County Star: Editorial: Water wars aren’t just about fish

Modesto Bee: Olsen and Gray: What alternatives do we have after state water board demands?

Modesto Bee: Hammer falling on everyone who relies on our rivers

Ag Alert: Commentary: Real-world efforts hold hope for salmon, farmers

Wall Street Journal: California to Save More Water for Endangered Fish

Modesto Bee: Ag still faces hit in updated river flow proposal

Sacramento Bee: An era of limits: California proposes steering more water to fish, less to farms, cities

Los Angeles Times: A plan to keep rivers flowing for fish triggers another water fight

Stockton Record: Big splash for SJ River

AP: California fish may get more water from overtapped rivers

Capital Public Radio: California Would Provide More Water To Fish Under Plan

Sacramento Bee: Felicia Marcus: Seeking a better way to share rivers among people, wildlife

Modesto Bee: How much water will state ask for today?

Modesto Bee: Mike Dunbar: Day of reckoning for our rivers

Sacramento Bee: Dan Morain: Facing the realities of limited water supplies

Porterville Recorder: Let’s avoid a man-caused drought

Water Deeply: How California Accounts for its Water Resources

San Diego Union Tribune: No on Prop. 53: It’s a cumbersome mess

The Bakersfield Californian: Kern County crop value dips after five years of growth

Lexology: Water Shortages Loom Large for California Farmers

Appeal Democrat: FEMA remapping may lead to insurance hikes

Forbes: How A Chicago Restaurant Opening Shed Light On Struggles Of Drought-Impacted California Farmers And Chefs

Central Valley Business Times: Down on the farm with Delta Stewardship Council Chairman Randy Fiorini

San Francisco Gate: La Niña no longer seen as likely this winter

Sacramento Bee: Beware of quick fix offered by wealthy farmer’s initiative

Water Deeply: Major Habitat Restoration Project Could Help Delta Fish

Monterey Herald: Editorial, Sept. 4, 2016: Vote no on Proposition 53, which would just add new problems

Sacramento Bee: Is the capsized Spirit of Sacramento polluting the Delta?

Santa Rosa Press Democrat: Thumbs down: Vote no on Prop 53

Water Deeply: Here’s What’s Happening to All That Water Bond Money

Fresno Bee: FEINSTEIN: Water relief is on the way – if Congress works together

Redding Record Searchlight: Sturgeon thriving where salmon struggling

Western Farm Press Blog: Should California eradicate bass from the Delta?

Modesto Bee: State fights itself over fish, but we could be the real losers

San Francisco Chronicle: A one-man crusade isn’t the way to run California’s finances

Sacramento Bee: Project aims to feed Delta smelt – ‘They’re starving to death’

Sacramento Bee: California farm revenue plunges in 2015

Water Deeply: Experts Weigh In: California’s Biggest Water Policy Priorities

KCET: Last Chance to Save the Delta Smelt?

Bakersfield Californian: LOIS HENRY: The backstory of a water scare you never knew about

Forbes: Agricultural Innovation In A Water-Scarce World

Water Deeply: What You Need to Know About California’s $17 Billion Water Project

Ag Alert: Commentary: California needs to unite for more water storage

Fresno Bee: Don Cameron: Climate change is real to farmers in California

San Francisco Chronicle: Volcanic springs offer hope for threatened fish

Stockton Record: Fitzgerald: The ‘Big Empty’ at San Luis Reservoir

Sacramento Bee: Low water level prompts reduced speed on Folsom Lake

Capitol Weekly: Jim Anderson: CA’s water system in need of a fix

San Jose Mercury News: Mielke: WaterFix provides solution to California’s water woes

San Jose Mercury News: San Luis Reservoir at lowest level in 27 years

Los Angeles Times: Video: The state of California’s water

Fresno Bee: Drought, lower prices eat away at Fresno County 2015 crop values

Water Deeply: Eleven Experts to Watch on California Water Rights

Chico Enterprise-Record: Editorial: Oroville drains while Shasta looks marvelous


California Ag Today: Breaking News: The 5 Percenters May Not Receive All of Their Water Allocation

Sacramento Bee: Viewpoints: Address all factors to improve salmon numbers

Sacramento Bee: California unveils environmental blueprint for Delta tunnels

Manteca Bulletin: HIGHER FISH FLOWS

Chico Enterprise Record: Lake Oroville dropping much faster than Shasta Lake this summer

Associated Press: Federal, state leaders pitch for California water tunnels

KQED: About That $17 Billion Water Project: Delta Tunnels 101

Sacramento Bee: Will the Delta tunnels get built? Plan enters critical make-or-break phase

Action News: Critics angered over Lake Oroville water release

Sacramento Bee: State Supreme Court rules in state’s favor on Delta property rights

Ag Alert: Commentary: Environmental demands for water keep expanding

Water Deeply: Seven Experts to Watch on California’s Groundwater

Water Deeply: Plan to Save Delta Smelt Faces Tough Road

Fresno Bee: Reclamation increases Friant water allocation to 75 percent

Sacramento Bee: Southern California water agency completes Delta islands purchase

FishBio: To Cull Or Release? The Tournament Fishing Dilemma

Sacramento Bee: Dan Morain: Brown calls on Bruce Babbitt, as time runs short for water fix

Water Deeply: Mark Cowin: Planning for California’s Water Future

Sacramento Bee: State’s Delta smelt plan calls for more water flowing to sea

Orange County Register: Joe Del Bosque: We are the 5 percenters, stretching our water supplies to get by

Redding Record Searchlight: Business, water interests seek to increase bass limits to help salmon

Manteca Bulletin: House Oks plan to alter fish flows

Sacramento Bee: House passes bill to save Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta salmon

Sacramento Bee: Court rules that sale of Delta islands can proceed

Fresno Bee: Valley groups, feds seek funds to build Temperance Flat dam

Water Deeply: Fighting Drought Will Be a Long-Term Battle, Says Study

Water Deeply: New Groundwater Found Deep Under Central Valley

Sacramento Bee: New Shasta Dam water release plan includes no cutbacks to farmers – for now


Sacramento Bee: Melting snow, water releases and La Niña complicate California’s drought picture

Capital Press: Bill would remove population targets for predator fish in Delta

Modesto Bee: Farm Beat: Salmon predation issue has new twists

Manteca Bulletin: THE BASS PROBLEM

Capital Press: Groups petition state to address predatory fish in Delta

Ag Alert: Fishery decisions could help, harm water supplies

Maven’s Notebook: California Water Alliance, Coalition for a Sustainable Delta raise concerns about federal proposed actions for Delta smelt, salmon

Stockton Record : Water users target Delta fish — again

Sacramento Bee: How plans to save fish species could cut summer water supply

KRCR News: Group calls for Congress to investigate Calif. water plans

Fox 40 News Sacramento: Bureau of Reclamation’s Complicated Situation of Balancing Needs of Fish, People

Water Deeply: How Do We Sustainably Manage the Delta’s Fish?

Sacramento Bee: California officials say Delta tunnels won’t harm north state water users

Stockton Record : Special mission for weed warriors: Harvesters return early with OK from the feds

Stockton Record: Two Delta districts may be off the hook

McClatchy DC: House moves on California water bills, but toward what end?

Los Angeles Times: ‘Welcome to California water wars’: State’s congressional delegation debates water plans on the House floor

Water Deeply: Central Valley Project Users Can’t Get a Break

Sacramento Bee: Judge upholds major provisions of complex Delta management plan

Water Deeply: Central Valley Project Users Can’t Get a Break

Capital Press: Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta a challenge for all who depend on it

Associated Press: Judge: California Delta Land Deal Can Move Forward

Sacramento Bee: California lifts tough statewide water conservation rules

San Francisco Chronicle: Salmon, facing trouble in streams, catch a ride to the Pacific

Water Deeply: How Saving Salmon Could Help Ease the Next Drought

Modesto Bee: Discussion returns on moving salmon above Don Pedro Reservoir

Ag Net West: DWR Regulations to Guide Local Sustainable Groundwater Management Plans Approved by California Water Commission

Sacramento Bee: Letter to the Editor Mike Wade: Eliminate bass, save the salmon

Water Deeply: Chronic Water Scarcity Threatens Food Production

Breitbart: When Water Policy Kills Farming, Consumers Will Pay the Price

Sacramento Bee: Hunter, environmental regulator appointed to California Fish and Game Commission

Chico Enterprise Record: Assisted migration brings millions of fish to the Bay Area

Water Deeply: Why the West May Be Headed Toward Megadrought

Ventura County Star: Scott Quady: Why we need the Delta water tunnels

Los Angeles Times: Some emergency drought rules might be eased, but don’t start hosing down sidewalks

Sacramento Bee: Charlton Bonham: The crucial work of restoring Delta habitat is accelerating

Roll Call: Felicia Marcus: Controlling the Spigot in California

Manteca Bulletin: South County Savior

Sacramento Bee: David Guy: Bad ballot measure would block local water projects

Sacramento Bee: California water board denies bias claims in Delta tunnels dispute

Water Deeply: Four Water-Related Bills to Watch in California

Merced Sun Star: What’s eating the salmon?

Sacramento Bee: Lawsuit accuses regulators of loosening Sacramento Delta water rules

San Francisco Chronicle: California lifestyle relies on delta water

Sacramento Bee: State ups its water allocation for Southern California

Miami Herald: A predator fish in California has lost its White House support

Associated Press: California rethinks approach to conserving water in drought

Sacramento Bee: Delta tunnels bill mandating voter approval advances

Associated Press: California Lawmakers Reject Bill Calling For Delta Tunnels Scrutiny

Los Angeles Times: Hunters angry over changes at state Fish and Wildlife agency say panel no longer represents them

Sacramento Bee: Delta pumping to Southern California restricted despite rainy winter

San Jose Mercury News: San Francisco Bay: Massive effort to remove aquatic invader nearly finished

Daily Democrat : Lake Oroville within 18 feet of crest

San Francisco Chronicle: California salmon season cuts planned to protect struggling fish

CBS San Francisco Bay Area: Millions Of Chinook Salmon Released Into Northern California Waterways

Capitol Public Radio: Restored Wetlands in California May Be Source Of Greenhouse Gases

US News: Water Woes Divide California into Haves, Have Nots

CSB Sacramento: California Congressman Questions State Water Releases At Lake Oroville, Shasta Dam

Modesto Bee: Debate swirls over striped bass role in rivers’ salmon population

Ventura County Star: John Laird: Ventura County has big stake in Delta water project

San Francisco Chronicle: How we did: A California drought report card

Water Deeply: Rob Hartman: Time to Manage Reservoirs Differently

Chico Enterprise Record: Editorial: Opportunity lost, like water over a dam

Manteca Bulletin: Jeff Denham: Bureaucrats impede water development

Water Deeply: Salmon, Not Smelt, Causing Water Cutbacks

Association of California Water Agencies: Legislative Hearing Explores California’s Drinking Water Program

Capitol Public Radio: Central California Reservoirs Filling Up Due To Recent Storms

Chico Enterprise Record: More water means no water transfers, despite shortage in Southern California

Associated Press: California: Water Savings Just Miss Target

San Jose Mercury News: California water allocation has winners, losers

Sacramento Bee: California’s most pressing need: Water

San Francisco Chronicle: William Bourdeau: California’s absurd water policy must change

Associated Press: Feds to announce water allotment for some California farms

Fresno Bee: Robert Merrill: Groundwater storage isn’t sexy, but it beats Temperance Flat

Sacramento Bee: Steve Worthley: Temperance Flat reservoir could help solve water crisis

City Watch: Bob Huff: How Sad! No Amount of Rain or Snow Will Fix California’s Water Woes

Antioch Herald: Contra Costa Water District signs agreement with Department of Water Resources on water from Delta Tunnels

Stockton Record Net: Below-average snowpack likely to prolong drought measures

Sacramento Bee: Agencies seek two-month delay for Delta tunnels hearing

San Jose Mercury News: Gov. Brown’s $17 billion Delta tunnels plan faces new hurdle — a leading taxpayers organization

Manteca Bulletin: $10.75M flows into SSJID from 2 water deals

Sacramento Bee: Sacramento regional sewer district accused of violating its own contracting rules

Sacramento Bee: Feinstein, Republicans ask Obama for more water pumping from Sacramento Delta

Sacramento Bee: Largest California reservoirs releasing water for flood safety

Capitol Public Radio: Extreme Drought ‘Entrenched’ In Most Of California

Times Standard News: Report states parasite blinded salmon; virus found in brains

Huffington Post: How The Water Crisis Is Hurting Family Farmers In California (VIDEO)

Fresno Bee: In first-of-a-kind summit, White House rallies corporate investment in water supplies

Sacramento Bee: Dan Walters: California’s high water should be captured

Redding Record Searchlight: Bureau increases water releases from Lake Shasta

Chico Enterprise Record: Lake Oroville hits flood control limit, may have to release water

Sacramento Bee: Paul Wenger: Another View: Half-truths disguise true drought impacts

Fresno Bee: Feds loosen up, offer 30 percent water allocation to Valley contractors

Fresno Bee: John Laird: Here’s how to protect fish and deliver water to Central Valley farmers

Capitol Public Radio: Groups Hopeful Recent Rains Will Help California Salmon

Sacramento Bee: March storms brighten future of winter-run Chinook salmon

Valley Public Radio: Despite Rain, California Farmers Fear Another Zero Water Allocation

Bakersfield Californian: Ted Page: Our orchards and our economy can’t be allowed to die

Ag Alert: Loss of water during storms causes frustration

Modesto Bee: Lance W. Johnson: Californians must demand accountability for all this wasted water

Redding Record Searchlight: Newly released young salmon face ‘massacre’ by striped bass

Sacramento Bee: California’s biggest reservoirs recover, putting water limits in question

Capitol Press: March storms in Calif. could boost CVP water deliveries

KCRA 3: Join LiveCopter 3 for tour of beautiful waterfalls, runoff in NorCal

San Jose Mercury News: California’s biggest reservoir, Shasta, rises to key milestone

Fresno Bee: As rain falls in California, tensions rise over who gets the water

Sacramento Bee: Sacramento River flows over weir into Yolo Bypass

KRCR 7: Lake Oroville rises 27 feet in the past five days

Fresno Bee: Editorial: Bureau of Reclamation should increase Delta water exports

Capitol Public Radio: Spraying For Water Hyacinth In The Delta Starts Thursday

Stockton Record Net: Hope floats in hyacinth fight

San Jose Mercury News: California storms send billions of gallons of water into reservoirs

Sacramento Bee: Folsom Lake water releases rise as rain continues

Chico Enterprise Record: Storm pushes Lake Oroville to highest water level in nearly three years

Chico Enterprise Record: More hard work ahead for water management says State Water Board leader

Contra Costa Times: Devon Mathis: Time for the Legislature to get serious about water storage

Orange County Register: Mike Wade: Billions of gallons needlessly flushed out to sea

Sacramento Bee: California bond vote measure takes a beating

KCRA 3: ‘Above average’ rain to trigger more water releases from Folsom Dam

Los Angeles Times: California’s snowpack falls below average, sparking new drought fears

Modesto Bee: Mike Wade: Water being wasted on failed efforts to save fish

Los Angeles Times: Drought hasn’t been all bad—we’ve learned some things too, California water chief says

KQED Science: California Reservoirs Are Dumping Water in a Drought, But Science Could Change That

Visalia Times Delta: Johnny Amaral: Lost water is wasted water

Sacramento Bee: Under sunny skies, Folsom Dam operators to double releases

Fresno Bee: Jim Costa: Let’s get something done for Valley water

Redding Record Searchlight: Gravel work to aid salmon

Stockton Record: Many agree: hyacinth’s a gas

Sacramento Bee: Kevin McCarthy: Too much rain is going to waste

My Motherlode: Frank Bigelow: More Water Should Be Captured From Storms

Sacramento Bee: Feds sharply increase flows from Folsom Lake

Sacramento Bee: John Laird: To make the most of rain, state needs Delta tunnels

Fresno Bee: Johnny Amaral: Let’s work together to protect California agriculture

Associated Press: California Water Officials Vote To Extend Emergency Water Conservation Measures

Sacramento Bee: Obstructionism will destroy our precious Delta

LA Times: California’s snowpack is deepest in five years after recent storms

Sacramento Bee: California raises 2016 water allocation to 15 percent

Sacramento Bee: Rain, snow making a dent in California’s historic drought

New York Times: To Save Its Salmon, California Calls In the Fish Matchmaker

Greenwire: DROUGHT: 9 Californians who play key roles in water policy

San Francisco Chronicle: Just like city folk, water rights holders will have to track usage

Stockton Record: Another step toward the twin tunnels

Stockton Record: Officials slash pumping to save threatened Delta smelt

Sacramento Bee: If you’re 26, these California water disputes have lasted longer than you’ve been alive

Washington Times: Key spending proposals in 2016-17 California budget

National Geographic: These 4 Things Need to Happen to End California’s Drought

My Mother Lode: ‘Darth Nino’ Weather Force Awakens?

SF Gate: Drought-ravaged Folsom Lake rises 28.5 feet in just one month

AP: Official: California snowpack at 136 percent of normal

Sacramento Bee: California needs to invest in Sites reservoir

Stockton Record: Water Hyacinth: Playing the blame game

San Jose Mercury News: Northern California salmon runs stronger than expected on many rivers despite drought

New York Times: California Wants to Store Water for Farmers, but Struggles Over How to Do It

Sacramento Bee: Collaborative efforts needed to save Central Valley’s salmon

The Davis Enterprise: Putah Creek as a salmon stream? Believe it

Daily Democrat: Strong markets help offset challenges posed by drought

Greenwire: DROUGHT: California dreaming: developing an ATM for groundwater

Chico Enterprise Record: Releases from Lake Oroville increased to keep salt water out of the delta

San Diego Union Tribune: California wasting water due to fish and inefficiency

Ag Professional: Less groundwater pumping in California will retire land

National Law Review: When Levee Breaks: Are Cracks Showing in Foundation of Western US Water Law?

AZO Cleantech: The Drought in California: An Interview with Ellen Hanak

SF Chronicle: Metropolitan Water District: Old delta foe is new neighbor

Sacramento Bee: Farmworkers in Fresno, Tulare counties hit hard by drought

Miami Herald: Even if El Niño delivers, California drought may never release its grip