The Coalition for a Sustainable Delta is a not-for-profit organization formed by water users who care about the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Our members rely on the Delta for their water supplies and for recreation. A healthy estuary is essential to the lives and livelihood of Coalition members.

The Coalition is dedicated to creating a healthy Delta ecosystem by easing or resolving the many stressors affecting this unique and essential estuary. The health of the Delta and its ability to function as a reliable water conveyance hub are intertwined and can only be sustained through constructive efforts to fix what ails the estuary.

Our efforts are focused on promoting the long-term ecological health of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and its native species while ensuring a reliable and sustainable water supply for California families, farms and businesses.

The Coalition is funded by membership contributions that support  research, education, and advocacy activities. Our efforts are based on the informed belief that persistent problems in the Delta are a result of the reluctance of State and Federal regulators and policymakers to tackle difficult Delta issues.

We are dedicated to addressing often-ignored and difficult problems such as invasive species, declining food availability, toxic contaminants, urban wastewater and storm water discharges, and unscreened in-Delta diversions. Existing laws and regulations must be enforced in order to improve the health of the estuary. Regulatory actions that focus primarily on export pumps are not sufficient to sustain the Delta.

Most recently, the Coalition has been drawing attention to the alarming amounts of precious water being flushed out to the ocean for so far ineffective environmental regulations.  Each year hundreds of thousands of acre-feet are lost. Related to this issue is the need to improve California’s inefficient and aging infrastructure.

The Coaltion’s proactive efforts are designed to ensure a healthy Delta for current and future generations.