Water Quality Violations in the Estuary

The effects of human development on the Delta ecosystem are numerous. Local stakeholders in the Delta never fail to highlight the impacts of water pumping operations, but their narrow focus on water exports ignores the pollution they are putting into the estuary and its effects on water quality and wildlife.

  • Delta Communities Continue to Harm the Estuary - Communities within the Delta region use the estuary to dispose of sewage and stormwater. While these discharges are subject to state and federal regulation, most local entities that release sewage and stormwater into the Delta are in violation of those laws and permit requirements.
  • Wastewater Discharges - Municipalities in and upstream of the Delta continue to use the highly sensitive estuary for their sewage discharges. These discharges lead to increased pollution, including toxic contaminants such as ammonia, heavy metals, and even pharmaceuticals. As population continues to increase in the region, so will wastewater discharges and their impacts on the estuary.