As California continues to face the impacts of five straight years of severe drought, every drop of water remains precious. Stay up to date with the current storage levels, snow pack levels, legislation, regulatory action, and all things water.

California’s Environment, Families and Businesses Deserve Our Best November 20, 2019 - Environmental regulations requiring releases of millions of acre-feet of water over the last decade have failed to improve the Delta ecosystem, including multiple endangered fish populations.
Renewed Hope in a New Water Year October 7, 2019 - With Governor Gavin Newsom’s veto of Senate Bill 1, which would have unnecessarily frozen environmental laws that govern endangered species and management of California’s water system, the water community can start the new water year with renewed focus on taking important steps to address the challe
Standing Up for Water Users, Farmers and Endangered Species September 27, 2019 - Despite efforts by some legislative Democrats to derail a monumental water management and environmental improvement agreement, Governor Gavin Newsom is right to stand up for water users, farmers and endangered fish species.
Quit Playing Politics with Water Supply September 11, 2019 - SB 1 is a step backwards and is contrary to Governor Gavin Newsom’s efforts to develop a Water Resilience Portfolio that embraces innovation and encourages regional approaches while integrating investments, policies and programs across state government.
Don’t Trump Water Policy August 12, 2019 - Senate Bill 1 would set the state back on improving water supply reliability and effectively stop the voluntary agreements in their tracks. Hundreds of millions of dollars spent on improved science in the Delta will be for naught.
A Step in the Right Direction May 15, 2019 - More than 100 days into his first term as governor, Gavin Newsom has laid out an ambitious agenda. A recent executive order set the stage for Newsom’s broader water policy, calling for his administration to prepare a “water resilience portfolio.”
Drought Free? Not Exactly March 28, 2019 - Water supply allocations for farms, cities, and business remain constrained. Despite this well documented water “abundance” federal water supply allocations were recently increased to just 55 percent for south of Delta agricultural contractors and state allocations to just 70 percent.
Water Challenges Face New Governor January 7, 2019 - Newsom’s campaign theme was “Courage for a Change.” He will need both courage and leadership to navigate water policy in the Golden State.
Year Ends with Promising Opportunities for Voluntary Agreements December 19, 2018 - As 2018 comes to a close, we are encouraged by the possibilities that lie ahead for 2019 and beyond.