Statement Regarding Recent Federal Water Actions:

January 9, 2017

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. – We applaud the Obama Administration’s long overdue proposed actions to address the effects of drought and water supply cutbacks on California residents, farms and business community. The recent order by the Secretary of Interior to foster state and federal cooperation is welcomed and provides a roadmap for timely completion of the necessary permits and approvals for the California WaterFix, which is crucial and must remain a top priority. We also appreciate the recognition of multiple Delta stressors and support implementation of actions designed to reduce jeopardy and improve recovery of endangered delta fish species. However, we remain concerned about the federal fisheries agencies continued focus on outflow as the primary strategy to recover Delta Smelt.Finally, we encourage the Trump Administration to maintain and enhance the important momentum on California water issues necessary to provide a safe, secure and reliable water supply for all Californians.