April 19, 2017

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. – The Coalition for a Sustainable Delta has released an analysis revealing the ineffectiveness of increased flow regulations by state and federal regulators.

The analysis is based on a recent Southern California Water Committee report by UC Berkley Economist Dr. David Sunding exposing the consequences of decades of water cuts caused by environmental regulations, including an average of 1.3 million acre-feet of water each year. The two analyses make clear that continued fixation by state and federal regulators exclusively on increased flow measures is unproductive.

“State and federal regulators continue to double down on ineffective, myopic regulations without any real results,” stated Coalition for a Sustainable Delta spokesperson, Michael Boccadoro.

“Fish populations have failed to improve even after decades of environmental regulations that have left California workers, families and farmers high and dry. It is time for regulators to change course before it’s too late.”

While regulators have focused narrowly on increased flows and water restrictions, several other stressors including predation, habitat loss, and outdated infrastructure continue to go unaddressed.


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