June 26, 2017

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. – The recent completion of the Biological Opinions for California WaterFix represents an important milestone in the historic effort to protect the Delta ecosystem and ensure water supply reliability for all Californians. Governor Brown unveiled the project alongside California EcoRestore in April 2015 and since then, the administration and project stakeholders have invested significant time and resources towards creating a comprehensive, sustainable and balanced Delta solution.

“After more than two years of design, review and public input it is encouraging to see a Delta conveyance solution moving forward,” said Michael Boccadoro, spokesperson for the Coalition for a Sustainable Delta. “More than 25 million Californians and 7 million acres of irrigated farm land depend on a reliable water supply from the Delta, and modernizing the delivery system is the only way to ensure that.”

The unprecedented amount of precipitation received this year, following a historic drought, highlights the dire need for improved storage and water delivery infrastructure. As droughtstressed groundwater aquifers continue to recover, it is notable that this year’s abundant water supply could have provided even further recovery if modern delivery and storage infrastructure where in place.

“The Governor, policy makers and stakeholders must remain focused on continuing to move the WaterFix forward given the significant time and resources already invested in this proposal,” Boccadoro said. “The state’s economy and clean drinking water for all Californians depends on it.”


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